Behand the scens

“Hi, nineties!“ is the rallying cry of Berlin designer Marina Hoermanseder’s latest Autumn | Winter collection. Infused with a tongue-in-cheek attitude, the line’s leopard print looks, figure-hugging miniskirts and sitcom setting pay homage to style icon Peggy Bundy of perennial TV favourite “Married with children”. Gaudy colours and creative contours breathe new life into the techno era, while style components gleaned from classic westerns slash right through the glaring, bright theme to add unusual contrasts. A powerful stage and production for Hoermanseder’s super-heroines, ready to put an out-of-control world back on the right track. Backed by broad shoulders, feminine silhouettes and strong contours – combined with leather corsets and western details – they save the designer’s rich and imaginative future realm. Meanwhile, her hand-made, ostentatious vases – inspired by the designer’s ubiquitous references to professional orthopaedics and historic support corsets – shine in a new light and underscore Hoermanseder’s presence in the fashion industry: State of Marina!

With plenty of bold colours, super-soft fabrics and her trademark leather detailing, the designer once again reveals a collection tailored for experiences: brimming with variety, designed to be fun and firmly focused on its wearer. At the same time, the Autumn | Winter line also includes the necessary feel-good factor and elegant oases. Novel, graphic logo components add a new perspective to the seminal Hoermanseder CI. Lancôme is the brand’s official beauty partner, represented by make-up artist Kerstin Hajdu. All hairstyles were created in cooperation with L’Oréal Professional under the direction of Head of Hair André Märtens.