"Hello Kitty has always accompanied me on my way as a designer." Berlin, September 2016. Hello Kitty - the little girl with the red bow and a heart made of gold - has played an important role for Marina Hoermanseder for a long time. Her passion for the brand is the girlish playfulness of the figure and becomes particularly clear when you look through her Berlin apartment, which contains many Hello Kitty items such as bed linen, pens and a bright pink refrigerator. CULT OBJECT PAIRED WITH CULT DESIGN Hello Kitty has developed into a global trend brand in recent years. It has long since ceased to be found only in toy shops, but has become a cult object in many design areas. Renowned international fashion designers have already designed their own editions in cooperation with Hello Kitty. The brand also inspires countless limited collections in the cosmetics sector. Thanks to the collaboration with Marina Hoermanseder, Hello Kitty now also has a presence in the German high fashion sector. Marina Hoermanseder designed a unique Hello Kitty product line for autumn | winter 2016, which was created with a lot of love and passion. The designer knows that opposites can harmonize impressively. In her designs she playfully combines components of orthopedics from the 18th century with refined femininity and thus characterizes her very special style. The collaboration with Hello Kitty fits in particularly naturally with the feminine nuances of the fashion label. THE COOPERATION The Marina Hoermanseder x Hello Kitty cooperation already got its start at the Marina Hoermanseder Show at Berlin Fashion Week in June 2016. Selected guests were given unique pieces of the famous Kasper Bag by Marina Hoermanseder in Hello Kitty design. The designer herself and her team wore a shirt with the collaboration logo on the catwalk. The ingenious MH logo combines the trademark 'Marina Hoermanseder Herzschlag' with the unmistakable bow and is reminiscent of Hello Kitty rising on the horizon. Bread & Butter 2016 is now the highlight of the cooperation. The highlights of the collection are presented here, including shirts with Hello Kitty prints, the “team jumpers” typical of Marina Hoermanseder and trendy cropped shirts. There will also be three impressive show pieces that have been specially made in exciting colors and shapes. The most elaborate creation is a dress adorned with over 6,000 light pink and yellow leather flowers.